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It's not just a reminder, it's an opportunity to improve your quality of life and change the world.

"DRNK WATR is a reminder to stay true to yourself, reflect on kindness, and take care of yourself." -Kohdi

You Are What You DRNK

How Would You Feel If You Could Save Your Own Life And Be The HERO of Your Story?

What if we said you could save something bigger than a life


DRNK WATR exists to remind you of the good in the world.

To bring hope to others and light to a potentially dark day. 

This is a reminder of the importance of human kindness and altruism — in the face of something as simple as drinking water.

So, for every DRNK WATR design purchased, you're showing support for people struggling to create healthy habits and improve their quality of life.

The DRNK WATR brand got started in 2021, when our founder Kohdi realized that most people that struggle to live a healthy life want that subtle reminder to take care of themselves.

Help the people in your life who are struggling. Maybe that person is, you?

When you're living your values, the world gets just a little better every day. WATR will remind you to spread that goodness while you're getting it out of your own system.

DRNK, Think, Act, Repeat.

You want happiness for the people you care about, but not all of them are ready to accept it. Use DRNK WATR to send a gentle reminder that someone is thinking about them.

If you've overcome something, you know that standing on the other side can feel lonely and hard. Let DRNK WATR help you feel connected again.